Typical day as a Startup in HK

Wake up at 645 from the kick of daughter, yelling “Pa Pa”. Jog down some random thoughts I have because if I don’t I will forget and cannot retrieve them forever.

Brush up, have bread, egg and milk for breakfast, kiss our daughters good bye and head to work together with my wife on the MTR.

Have a chat with my wife about the kids and our day on the way. Feel the urge to check my emails and daily stats but then stay off my phone and visualise the day ahead in as positive manner as possible.


Listen to a grateful meditation video on the way walking to my coworking space, reprogramming the subconscious mind as well as make myself feel happy and in flow.

Get to the coworking space and start work.


Time flies quite quickly. After feeling hungry, realise it is about 1130 and so go out to grab a couple of buns for USD1 each from the local bakery shop.


Go back, relax a bit by watching a Gary Vee, some other startup or sometimes football video before getting back to work again.

At around 3pm, head out to Metta to meet a fellow entrepreneur, someone who has shown interest in my work on Shapr or a mentor. Refrained from ordering a coffee after realising that it costs more than my lunch. Drink water from my bottle instead.


After a good chat, return to do a bit of work before catching the MTR home with my wife.

Have dinner, play with the kids for a while and after they are asleep, return to do some more work. Have a quick phone discussion with my partner before retreating to bed feeling exhausted.

Listen to another meditation video before falling asleep.


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